Graphic Designing

Full pre-press graphic art capability

Digiflex has heavily invested in Graphics department to complement various plate making servivces we offer. Our graphics department offers a full range of pre-press graphic artwork preparation capability including typesetting, graphic artwork creation, color corrections, color management, high-end electronic file preparation for output, and file archiving.

Using latest prepress technology, automated engines and color engine, we are able to work efficiently and be compatible with most artwork designers, brand management groups, and tradeshops. Our automated workflows help us be efficient in quickly turning artwork around from start to finish.

Digiflex Graphic Designing


  • Efficiently build or manipulate graphic files to provide accurate and repeatable color on press
  • Effectively use pre-flight and proofing practices
  • Employ best process color separation techniques
  • Step, Distort, & Trap file appropriately for the Press Specs
  • Employ optimization practices for the plate package
  • Accurately output file using correct specs such as line screen and dot type
  • Use data verification to solve pre-press issues before they reach production
  • Improve communication from the customer to pre-press to the pressroom.

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